August 26, 2012

making a restful transition


for our family, it is the last week of summer vacation.  my husband starts back tomorrow and the school year gets into full swing next tuesday.  rest might not be as much as an option as things rev up for the transition, so remember to take what little pockets of time you can find to refuel during this last week of the month.

sometimes it is hard to know what it is exactly that you need, what it is that will give you the extra oomph to keep you afloat all of the daily chaos, and rest is also synonymous with taking care.  the goal is not necessarily to take a nap (unless that is what you truly need), the goal is to give yourself whatever it is that you are most in need of at that time and often it takes a bit of slowing down ad quiet to be able to listen for what that is.

asking yourself  “what do you need?”, out loud or at least in your head and then stopping for a moment to think about that question will help clear the space for that answer to appear.  giving yourself the permission to have what that is, is the next step.

this printable coupon i though would be a fun way to embrace and honor a little self-nurturing, and it’s for you to use during this coming week.  cut it out and put it in your planner or on your refrigerator and use it when you need to!  you might even pass one on to your kids or anyone else who might like to indulge in a bit of restful self care.

ease into the transition, rest and enjoy!

August 23, 2012

my studio makeover {part 1}

trying to make over my tiny home studio, i wanted to maximize the space as well as utilize what i had already on hand as far as furniture and storage.  the only thing i bought was this adorable mid century modern, painted bookshelf i found in a local vintage shop (because i loved it more than i really needed it).  in addition to that i ended up purchasing two 4×4′s and some L-brackets at home depot.  total cost… $71.

the room is an unfinished fourth room in our house, about the dimensions of a medium sized bathroom, and despite it’s unfinished walls, windows with no trim, raw sub floor, and holes here and there for outlets and plumbing, the light and south facing corner windows and sky light make it breezy and beautifully lit.

i began with the existing desk i have long been using.  it is a modular table top with two file cabinets as bases with extra length (almost 6 feet) and is slightly narrower than a typical desk as it was bought for an even teensier space previously, so it’s size really lends itself to the space.

directly across from the desk i created two studio tables using two table tops i already had on hand, and the 4×4′s cut to size as table legs that i bought for $8 each.  it took me a long time playing with a hand drawn room diagram and the movable cut-out furniture pieces to figure how everything was going to fit in this smallish space.  i almost thought i’d have to eliminate one table until it occurred to me to stagger the heights and overlap them to fit along the wall.

it worked beautifully!  not only do i have a regular table top for sewing, art journaling and writing, but i now also have a counter height table for painting, jewelery assembling and other projects i like to do standing.  there is even enough table space to have the kids in there creating with me.  calculating the two heights of the table and leveling them appropriately took a bit of figuring, but i love the result!  both table tops, one which has been my art table of many years (as you can tell by the paint splatters) and the other a gorgeous butcher block counter salvaged by my husband, share a base that is the third file cabinet base from the desk (that used to be L shaped).

i looked at many options for the center pedestal, wine crates, vintage suitcases, saw horses, and even a step ladder.  i finally remembered this broken file cabinet that was collecting dust in the basement.  i simply removed the broken drawers and internal hardware, and now the piece is the center base as well as hidden storage.

i still have a ways to go with organizing and putting the finishing touch on everything.  i have so many treasured bits and bobs i know will find there right place on a shelf on on the wall.  i did hang the room with a long strand of the large, classic clear glass bulb-lights around the perimeter, which is bright enough to light the entire room instead of having a lamp and perfect for inspiring ambiance.  so far so good!  it’s a space i love to spend time in already.

August 20, 2012

with open arms

{deeply exhale… and feel the universe embrace you}

August 16, 2012

Love Notes postcard swap with Jennifer Belthoff

by jennifer belthoff

At times it can feel like a chore going to pick up the mail because you know exactly what is in there.  But what if that changed?  What if a hand written post card sat nestled in between the bills?  Words written down on paper for you to hold in your hands and soak in.  A little sliver of sunshine arriving unexpectedly, just for you.

What if you had the opportunity to bring this sunshine to someone else’s mailbox?  Picking up a pen and writing your own words down.  Sharing pieces of your story and words from your heart for them to soak in.  Would you want to be a part of it?

Social media is great for staying in touch and easily communicating with friends, but there is something so lovely about holding a real piece of paper in your hands.  Seeing someone else’s handwriting and feasting on what they h ave shared brings the story to a different level.

These thoughts are what sparked the idea of for the Love Notes Post Card Project.  Words shared on a post card, mailed to someone you may or may not know.  Hearts opening, sunshine arriving, connections unfolding.

This three week project brings the opportunity for sunshine to be sent through the mail by responding to a simple writing prompt.  Head on over to here to find out more about it and to sign up.  I hope you will join in. The project begins August 19th.

August 15, 2012

the sky will offer you peace…

August 13, 2012

limited edition wishBIG necklaces… only 3 left!

{#6 faith… enough… be true}

3 special edition wishBIG necklaces left!  each, is a one-of-a-kind, handmade piece of art and jewelery made in in collaboration with Stacy De La Rosa of Bella Wish who created a special hand stamped sterling silver charm numbering each unique piece.

these were  truly a labor of love to make… tiny poems, little collages made from new and vintage papers, and beaded charms in distinct color pallets. i’m not sure if i’ll be making more of these, so if you love one grab it today to fill with all your wishes!

head on over to the shop for more photos and information…


August 10, 2012

creativity on the road

when going on a trip, the dilemma for me is always figuring out what to pack for myself and the kids to keep us entertained and creatively inspired.  i could easily load up on lots of projects and works in progress, supplies and tools, but really, who ever uses everything they pack?  to streamline the suitcase is always a goal as well, so with that in mind here are the essentials i always take with me on the road. think portable, lap friendly projects, and versatile.

1. sketchbooks – i always have blank pages on hand for doodling, drawing a map, or even a pick up game of hang man or dots and squares.

2.  magazines – of course for reading, but when done being perused they are great for a little collaging.  even better they can be left behind when you’re done!

3. an art case – full of an assortment of markers, pens, glue sticks, and a pair of scissors.  you’ll be surprised how often you might need a pair of scissors, and the glue sticks are perfect for traveling projects, no muss no fuss.

4. magnadoodle – it’s great for little travelers!  easy to keep all together, and endless possibilities for fun…draw and guess, simple doodling, tic tac toe and they even make a perfect travel-sized one.

5. journals – create a whole page layout or simply jot down little notes along the way.  for the kids, their own travel journal is perfect for them to paste in little souvenirs like brochures or tickets stubs, note all their adventures, people and places they’ve seen, and keep it all as a great memento of the trip.

6. pen pal pack – make up a little pocket folder or pouch with all the things you’ll need to write a letter or send a postcard, stamps, envelopes, addresses, stickers, and send some mail love!  the kids won’t even know they are practicing their writing and spelling, and family and friends will love getting a special note from you while away!

7. small hand project – a little knitting , embroidery project, or quilt square is great for on the go because you can easily pick it up then put it down and it is small to tote.  a needle and thread also can come in very handy!

8. planner – long stretches of time on the road or in airport cafes is a great time to relax and jot down notes on creative projects. planning is such an essential part of the creative process, and in between time can be great found moments to wrangle some of those ideas into your planner.

all of these items can fit into one fairly small bag that is relatively flat and is easy to pack and carry.  you can even pull out one or two items to throw in your day bag or backpack to have with you at a moments notice.  enjoy the creative spaces when they open up, but most of all enjoy the slower pace and the sights and experiences of vacation.  don’t feel pressured to get anything done, simply relax and create for the fun of it!

August 6, 2012

yes, lots of this…

“Rest and be thankful.” ~ William Wordsworth

August 6, 2012

ideas to inspire a rest-full month

* simplify. join Susannah’s August Break or play along with Shutter Sister’s Elevate the Everyday, and simply share a photo a day on ze blog.

* disconnect.  honor weekly off-line time for more real time connecting.

* listen.  tune into new music, favorite podcasts, an audio book or meditation while lounging by the pool, taking a lazy drive, or lolling on the couch.

* organize.  instead of working on big projects this month, take the time to re-organize and de-clutter a bit. clear your calender and clean your space to make room for the fresh start feel of fall.

* nurture.  make self care a priority this month to help you replenish and refuel. take advantage of the seasons fresh fruits and veggies. practice the art of the siesta. schedule in some down time for yourself and some date time for your you and your sweetie. make time each week for doing something you really enjoy.

* hydrate. drink lots of water sprinkled with mint leaves or dappled with fresh blueberries, and slather on the moisturizer in light summer scents to keep your bodies H2O in balance during these hot, dry months.

* wander. get outside and explore your neighborhood with fresh eyes. take in the sights, mother nature’s gifts, the hidden paths and sidewalks, and walk, breathe, wonder at what is right outside your door.

* gratitude. take a break from long journal writing and simply jot down three things each day you are grateful for. this little exercise can pack a powerful punch and can even lift your mood.

* say no. let go of pressure and guilt and simply say “No” to the things, big or small, your heart is just not singing to.

* smaller. embrace things in smaller, bite-sized portions and practice the less is more philosophy. less have-to’s and smaller projects will leave your days feeling less stressful and more free flowing. allot 15 minutes for cleaning up, do three yoga poses each day, eat smaller simple meals, tackle creative projects you can complete in half an hour.

August 4, 2012

A Wishful Year :: August {rest}

how apropos that  august rolled around while i was on vacation, being the month of ‘rest’ here in the wishstudio.  my family and i were down in Newport, RI relaxing with friends by the pool, poking around the boulevard and shops, and staying up late playing games past our usual bedtimes.

i didn’t work at all during our trip save for one phone call i had previously scheduled, and although i admittedly thought a lot about work i resisted the urge to hop online, hence the lag in posts here in this space.  in the back of my mind, i was trying to honor my own intention and decided let go of the fact that i hadn’t had time to preschedule an interim post knowing i would be back shortly.  admittedly, i did contemplate jumping on one of the many computers around to put up a few words and even tried (not very tenaciously i should add) to download WordPress onto my ipad, unsuccessfully.  so it went that i embraced the resting with gusto.

for those of us who love to work, who find joy in the creative process that happens to also be a vital part of our professional lives, a lot of the time it is difficult to truly turn that off.  what i hope to inspire in your for our month of rest as part of our Wishful Year is more of a sense of spaciousness and less of  that feeling of urgency.  for me, that is where things start to get a little hairy, when the harmony of joyful creativity starts to go a bit awry and the weight unwanted pressure creeps in.

august then, is a month of doing less (not necessarily of doing nothing, as truthfully i need a bit of productive creativity in my life to stay happily humming along), and finding smaller, efficient pockets of time to GSD with wider swaths of open space to fill with simple pleasures and lounging time to rest and refuel your engines. before you know it the rush of fall will be on, so get your rest on while the gettin’s good!

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