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March 15, 2012

{post-it love notes, harvard square cambridge, ma}

a couple of weeks ago i was in harvard square with a couple of artist friends, and we came upon this little bit of street art.  an empty store front was dotted with hundreds of post-it notes where people had named a a loved one and emblazoned it on a post it note for all to see!  the notes ranged from the silly (someone named their male member as their love) to the very sincere and sweet (another had written “mom. she kicked cancer’s butt!”).

of course we added our own little notes as maya was well prepared with both post it notes and pen.  what struck me in that little moment was that these were all tiny pieces of someone elses story, a glimpse into another’s life and heart.  i love this about life… that stories seem to want to leak out, flutter in the wind and seek light.

so i wanted to share this with you and give you all the opportunity to share a love note and be a part of this collective, warm-hearted dislay of affection.

just leave the name  of someone you love here in the comments and send love and light their way today!

2 Responses to “post a love note!”

  1. amanda says:

    i love ya, mia!

  2. Jill says:

    Sweet Baba of mine–I love you so — thank you for being my baby girl.


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