the studio table :: upcycled windowpane chandelier

December 29, 2011

i loved making this fun and functional piece for the Wishstudio as a creative and interesting solution for lighting. the idea popped into my head after i salvaged this sweet little windowpane from the curbside while driving home one night. i knew it would made a perfect light fixture. i also love the feel and symbolism of windows as they always seem to offer peeks into something more.

you will need:

one solid windowpane with glass intact
4 eye hooks screws *
5-6 feet of decorative chain *
6-8 lightweight C-hook screws
2 large S-hooks *
2 medium S-hooks *
2 ceiling hooks*
sturdy wire cutters
1 strand of glass bulb lights
extension chord*
a strand or two of beaded garland
white spray paint
optional, paint for window if desired

* please be sure all theses hardware items are tested to bear the weight of your window and are the proper fittings for your particular measurements! depending on size and weight and how low you want your window to hang, you may find better options for hanging the window you have.

the first thing i did for this easy project was to prep the strand of lights. because i chose the bigger glass bulb kind, they did not come in strands of white so i wanted to spray paint the green wire. i unscrewed the bulbs and lay the wire on top of the tarp and gave them a coat of spray paint. while it was drying i assembled the window.

next, clean your window (if you want to sand and paint it, now is the time before you add all the hardware. i liked the chippy character of the window as i found it, so i left it unpainted). screw the four eye hooks securely into the backside of the window at the four corners as this will be the side bearing the weight to hang your piece. flip the window over and screw in the lightweight C-hooks around the perimeter and throughout the middle panes. these will be used to hang the beads.

to hang your window, mark the two anchor points in your ceilingĀ  and screw in your hanging hooks making sure they are secure. after you’ve decided how low you want your window to hang (mine is about 9″ below my ceiling), measure and cut your chain to the proper length to fit from each corner of the windowpane to the it’s anchor point. to hang, simply attach the chain to the window using the smaller S-hooks (the eye hooks and back side of the window should be on top, facing the ceiling), then hang both end chains together using one large S-hook to hang from ceiling hooks. having someone help hold the window is a big help as you secure and hand your piece.

decorate your chandelier by adding the lights to the top of the window by simply placing them on top of the glass. finally, using the bead strands (i used clear, iridescent ones to catch the light), loop them from hook to hook around the window in a decorative way. i went around the window and then crossed through the middle in an X leaving some dangling ends for a fun effect. attach the extension chord and plug it in

a beautiful and fun conversation piece for any room!

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  1. jill says:

    you are just SO awesome!!
    hugs, love and smiles~ jill

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