when girls gather :: my trip to the city of angels

December 20, 2011

there is something about the magical formula of creating space, sharing, and being seen… it’s the silliness, the weepiness, the deep safety and abundance that comes from opening up your heart and soul to give and receive in a circle of women. it’s hard to really put it into words and i’ve been at a bit of a loss to truly encapsulate my experiences in LA for what was, i’m quite assured, an unforgettable few days.

so much of it was in the moments in between, the little vignettes of time… lunch at R & D, the gaggle of us walking down Montana Ave, finding The Dress, chatting and laughing around a coffee table, yoga pants caroling, cracking open the book for the first time, driving here and there, sitting in the sunlight by the lemon trees, and so on. while the book launch party was certainly the centerpiece and the sparkly highlight of the entire trip, the life and people surrounding that event is what made the feast so memorable. it was a huge slice of This Beautiful Life, savory and delicious.

maybe it was sleeping in swirly’s studio, maybe it was the homemade crepes or those crazy-good brownies, maybe it was the cheek-aching laughter, maybe it was connecting with so many fabulous souls, or maybe it was being surrounded by so much talent and gorgeous art. whatever the formula, there is always something special about when girls gather. this trip was no different.

i am always a bit quiet after these together times, full of wonder and awe. it takes me a while to process all that was shared and experienced. i wonder how i got so lucky to have women in my life that truly make me so unabashedly and profoundly happy. i am truly and forever grateful for the unique sparkle of each and every one. this trip was the icing on the cake, such a celebration of what was such an amazing journey being a part of this collaboration from beginning to end. even with the book sitting on the table right her beside me, it all seems a little like a dream.

2 Responses to “when girls gather :: my trip to the city of angels”

  1. melissa says:

    it was so great to spend time with you “in person”…these gatherings are soul-filling for me and it sounds like its that way for you too. oh and it wasn’t a dream, its all very, very real! xo

  2. Trish says:

    So happy for you….

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