a little bit of the ‘How and Why’ of Wishstudio

December 4, 2011

captured moment of what the wishstudio is all about… creativity, community, self discovery
thank you, michelle, tobin and nina

listening to this inspiring interview the other day with Tara Gentile, it really resonated with me that i needed to weave more of the story of the wishstudio into this space – the WHY of all things, especially during this time of big change.  as things are still shifting and settling into the new co-op model, i find myself telling parts of this story all the time now, to strangers as well as old creative friends.

since Wishstudio was born, really way back in 2007 before the Wishstudio blog was even envisioned, the idea of this community was within me.  i think it always has been, it just never had enough form to be realized as it was more an abstract notion, a yearning in my life for connection and a meaningful creative outlet. this has always been the core driving force behind everything in this space as well as within my original blog, under a pink sky, where the seeds of Wishstudio began to grow.  it was about finding my community, delving back into my creativity, and along the way discovering that all of it was deeply rooted in my own personal journey. today, our core values are very much the same:  Creativty, Community, and Self Discovery.

i never aimed to create a business when i first set out into the virtual landscape, it was something that organically evolved from the community that was driving it forward.  through collaborative events (the first wishfull virtual art reatreat, a novel idea at the time), and friendships made, and ideas shared in Wishstudio, this space became a working online space for many to connect and breathe life into their wishes.  it was where i realized that inspiration and community were my passion.

Wishstudio got it’s own official home here on the web back in early 2009 and grew into this beautiful space with many more collaborations and connections through the years. quickly this place became an online launching pad for many creative projects, products, and most importantly a resource for those finding their way in living creatively.

so now as i find myself in the the toddlerhood of Wishstudio, out of the early stage of simply birthing a business into the world, the focus now has clearly shifted to How i want to do business around these parts.  the local studio space was a big part of that, the answer to a need to bring this community off the screen and into my own neighborhood, to re-create the same everyday community and creative space for people to gather in face to face.

the Co-op model evolved separately, yet parallel to the opening of the local studio.  in my mind, this was always going to be the Wishstudio Co-op in name… i guess i was thinking more in terms of the cooperative community, but not really from a business perspective. then it all aligned.  of course Wishstudio is meant to inhabit the spirit of a co-op, in all ways… sustainability, accessability, a collective soul!  so thus the change.

as i blaze the trail through the new way of doing things here in the Wishstudio, i have complete faith and believe wholeheartedly in this model and feel like this exactly where Wishstudio is meant to be.  just yesterday, someone told me how the year 2012 has been named the year of the co-op!  i have been getting signs like this all along the way in my research and in sharing my vision. i feel so excited and completely at peace how things are unfolding on this next leg of our journey.

it is thanks to all of you… our beloved creative family… that has brought Wishstudio to where it is today, and who will especially see this creative venture (and adventure!) into the years ahead.

i am immensely grateful and always awe inspired by each one of you who comes here to read, comment, share, inspire, teach, create, and gather in this space. i am blessed to be part of such a deep well of kindness, passion and talent.

thank you all for sharing in my journey!

hugs and wishes always… mindy

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  1. jill says:

    mindy sweetheart, i feel truly blessed to have you in my life/heart!
    xo and smiles~ jill

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