living in the RAW :: wishstudio edition

November 12, 2011

by mindy tsonas

despite these (very) blurry pictures, it was an amazing night in the wishstudio.  yes, in the wishstudio!!!  and even though the studio was far from ready, there was such beautiful creative energy that swirled around in that little space.  the notion of “tribe” and “journey” and “process”, all those words we throw around so liberally round these parts were deeply, silently, yet vibrantly woven threads connecting us for a few sweet hours around a messy table.

for me, it was realizing the necessity of THIS, of just being together will my fellow creatives, and it also reaffirmed the notion that if this is my life, it is more than enough!  i just want to be elbow deep in paint, laughing out loud over silly things, sharing ideas and dreams, and finding ways to do it together, and light up each other’s lives!

this is markedly the beginning of something… something deeply personal and soul-shifting for me… and this is also the end of something else, the way i used to envision Wishstudio.  thank you dear friends for being a part of it all.  for making my life what it is, blissfully immersed in the raw… kat, brittany, nina, miranda, heidi, jill, and ellen… and all of YOU in our creative community!

2 Responses to “living in the RAW :: wishstudio edition”

  1. Kat says:

    LOVE! I’m so happy to have been one of the first to CREATE in your new space! I’m so so proud of you!

  2. jill says:

    this was one of the best nights EVER and i feel so blessed to be a part of it all! i’m truly lucky to you in my life! thank you, mindy for everything!!!
    xo + smiles~ jill

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