a page from my journal :: wishing big and small (my fall list)

August 27, 2011

i bought a fresh moleskine recently and it sits on my desk as a little wrapped gift of possibility.  my latest journal is not quite filled, but soon it will be time to crack the new on open.  my writing has been happening in spurts, pouring out of me at times and dry and motionless others.  i’m just accepting it as it comes.

as the season heads to make a turn i’m filled with thoughts about the immediate future, projects in the works, a new schedule and to embrace and all the changes in between, big and small.  i’m not quite ready to let go of summer and the slower less demanding pace, and i haven’t yet felt that boost the cool autumn air always gives me.  i love fall energy!   so in the interim i’ve decided to hold loosely to some wishes, corral them and make a list to see what emerges and get ready for some of them to gain real traction in the coming weeks.  sweet anticipation.

here is a slice of my running wish list:

* a solid, working, nurturing fall schedule
* host a couple of fab RAW nights
* a smooth transition to school (3rd grade, preschool, and administratively for my hubby)
* for the next phase of to come into focus (change is coming!)
* finally get a professional headshot taken with a fab photog
* and shoot my fave hot pink chair on the beach (even though the neighbors will look at me strangely when i carry it down the street)
* a fun and successful fall wishBIG ecamp (details coming this week!)
* knit something cozy
* lots of yoga
* live into my co-op dreams and connect with more creative peeps face to face
* paint the first floor walls and get rid of the sallow green color i’ve always hated
* design a year quilt (inspired by this podcast), to begin when i turn 40

see the rest of my list, here…

One Response to “a page from my journal :: wishing big and small (my fall list)”

  1. rachel awes says:

    anything is possible out of that brilliant pink chair!!!
    (& out of you, of course!) :)

    i adore your list/you beautiful beautiful being.
    sending fairy dust to bless it all.
    **** *** ******************

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