stay creatively hydrated by downshifting your energy

August 1, 2011

i’ve heard from alot of people these days that their energy is ebbing.  the hot summer days have dried up the creative juices a bit and there is a need more down time.  i’ve been feeling this a little too, yet i also feel the oncoming pressure of fall coming right around the corner.  sometimes it is so hard to just stay in the moment.  there is also a measure of guilt we load ourselves down with if we miss a blog post, don’t write in our journals, don’t get our photos uploaded to flickr, miss a class, need some alone time, or step out of the creative lives for a little break.  it is summer afterall, and we all need a little vacation every now and then.

so give yourself permission!

veg out.  watch project runway.  sit on the beach.  join our great summer blog read. read fluffy fiction.  take photos just for the sake of capturing the moment and not for a specific project (join susannah’s august break!)… see, lots of us are feeling this need to slow down.  no apologies necessary.

it might even help to set the intention to simply just be in a place of gathering. down shift your energy purposefully. you can compile an inspiration file for later use by tucking away bits of inspiration from your trips, magazines you read, and little bite-sized thoughts that float across your sky during these last days of summer.  don’t feel like you have to do anything. this might help to open up the space for your creative energy just to flow, and then when you’re ready to create you will have a whole pile of things to dive in to.

have faith, that time will come.

4 Responses to “stay creatively hydrated by downshifting your energy”

  1. Janet says:

    Thank you for this!!! I needed to hear it right now :)

  2. bonitarose says:

    summer’s are so short here in Fargo ND.
    I enjoy them!

  3. Britt Bravo says:

    Love this. Thanks for the post (:

  4. Thanks for sharing this and reminding me – it is OK to just be.
    and not doing all the time-
    Thanks I really needed this right now-
    Jacqueline Drake

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