a page from my journal :: rollercoaster (of love)

July 15, 2011

airstream art night love at teena’s (sassy model, ninabeana)

one thing is for sure, life has a huge blind side.  amidst the crazy hot weather at the top of the week and sending my oldest off to summer camp, launching the summer session of  my THIS Moment ecourse, recovering from an all-out birthday celebration for my mom and 2 year old, reconnecting with a couple of great friends, and spending a few splendid creative hours with some fab ladies in the cutest vintage airstream camper, life still has it’s own agenda.  no matter how i try to plan, control, organize, and anticipate life is simply unpredictable mix of highs and lows.

the baby said “Iyou!” (i love you) for the first time.

and we finally got the answers we were looking for about our youngest’s allergies (along with a sobering dose of reality – which you can read more about here)

the roller coaster of life can be completely disorienting at times.  it made me think of Parenthood (which my husband and i watched again recently) and the scene in which the little, wise, old grandmother is musing on this very analogy… how the ups and downs of the roller coaster both terrified and exhilarated her, how she felt like those who just rode the merry-go-round were missing out on something more, and how even though it was unpredictable and frightening it was what she loved about that ride – the thrill of it all.  contrived? yes, but oh so true.

truly, i wouldn’t want it any other way.  i do love me a wild and thrilling ride!  and that’s the thing, you play hard and live hard the payoff is always spectacular but sometimes you have to bear the bruises.

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