new offerings!

November 28, 2010

2011 is just around the corner!
here’s a few fresh and
exciting offerings for the new year!


The Art of Dreaming with katrina dreamer davenport (4 week ecourse, jan. 8- jan. 29th) ~ Connecting with the dream world can enliven and deepen your art. This course will set the foundation for artful dreaming. First, we’ll look at creative ways to remember and record your dreams. We’ll also look at different artists who have used dreams in their art.  Second we will seek out dream allies who can take us in new directions or strengthen our skills. Third we will play around in the hypnagogic realm, that space between waking and sleeping that is ripe with possibility and creativity. And last, we will look at the different areas in which dreams and art dance together. During the course, students will share artwork inspired by their dreams, and, if they wish, share dreams they are having. Katrina will work with one person’s dream for the second, third, and fourth classes to give participants a deeper understanding of how to work with their dreams.

Find Your Eye :: A Photo Course with Heart and Soul with kat sloma (6 week ecourse, jan. 9 to feb. 19th) *this is a special wishstudio karma class and all proceeds we be donated to support the nonprofit organization, Nest* ~ This e-course takes you through the process of developing your eye by enhancing your understanding and knowledge of the tools of digital photography (digital camera and photo editing software) and then using your photography as an expression of the heart and soul!  Each week will include a written lesson for each of the two tools, complete with photo examples and exercises to help the participant learn the material on their own.  see the full course description and register here.

THIS Moment with mindy tsonas (5 week ecourse including workbook, jan. 31 – mar. 3) ~ all you have is all you need… live the life of your dreams by loving the life you have.  with daily posts and workbook pages, together we discover, create and practice what living in the moment really means.  you will uncover truths, make messy and beautiful art, and find there within yourself the life you are meant to live – the life that is right there in front of you.  find registration and more info here. **early registration special til dec. 15th!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Do you think it will it be too overwhelming or time consuming to take both Find Your Eye and THIS Moment at the same time? Will either or both of these workshops be offered again soon?

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